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Tawreed Platform Overview.

Tawreed is a B2B supply chain platform for businesses, linked to F&B sector in Qatar. We help both, suppliers (as seller) and local small, medium and large businesses (as buyer) in F&B sector.

At Tawreed, our mission is to support your business in its pursuit of excellence. Whether you're a small local café or a large international hotel chain, the best way to keep your customers satisfied is to make sure you get the goods you need when you need them. That's where we come in..

We combine technology with traditional supply chain management methods, allowing us to track every individual item from supplier floor to customer door. Every detail matters and every detail is accounted for with this innovative technology that allows suppliers and customers in the F&B industry to connect and collaborate more easily than ever before. We believe that this integration of state-of-the-art software with tried-and-true supply chain processes will make all the difference in ensuring that local businesses have the resources they need to create exquisite foods and beverages for their customers—and we believe that the results will speak for themselves!

Tawreed assists local suppliers on the one hand, and local customers on the other.

Supplier of F&B items include: Manufacturers, Producers, Importers, Agents and Distributors etc. for F&B items.

While Customer is including: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Bars, Buffets, Bakeries, Catering Services, Supermarkets, Mini markets, Grocery shops, Clubs and Event Organizers etc.

So, if you are one of any of the two groups, you are WELCOME ABOARD

Company Information.

ALPINA Group owned several companies in various sectors of food distribution, trading, services, construction, real estate and technology.

Faith . Promise . Culture

We are strictly committed to provide unprecedented services that benefit Investors, Corporations and Organizations.

We've a culture that the nature of today’s business-to-business (B2B) purchaser and their expectations of working with suppliers has changed.

Launching of "Tawreed" platform comes in response to this belief, promise and culture. Indeed, it's to support of the investors, manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, and to serve the F&B supply sector.

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